Canto Divino was born in Tuscany, a place of great winemaking tradition and great wines. We are an online wine showcase, where a careful selection of fine wines and small producers is presented, with the best quality-price ratio, but always thinking about quality.

We try not to sell just a bottle but offer a style of vine  all its own, we believe that with wine your moments are better and that it must be   part of  all your daily achievements,  from the smallest to the largest. Canto Divino offers comfort and security of receiving, wherever you want and when you want,  the wines chosen by you.

Let's toast to the best of life!

"Ana Carla is a dynamic and fast person in learning. I met her in the FISAR (Italian Federation of Sommelier Hoteliers Restaurateurs) where she graduated demonstrating a mastery of the language, notions and techniques learned. He knows the world of wine well. He has taste and organizational skills and is always available and precise in what he does."
(Bianca Ciatti, FISAR Florence)
"The genuine passion and her dedication to the subject, combined with the strong motivation, have always accompanied Ana Carla on her path of growth within our Federation where even today, with the same enthusiasm and desire to improve as on the first day, she participates in the activities of the F.I.S.A.R. delegation of Florence enjoying our full trust."
(Samuele Palandri, FISAR Florence)